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Satavahana – A Scenic View of Life

Step into Satavahana, resonating with the legacy of the ancient Satavahana Empire that marked the beginning of empires in Telugu states. Echoing this historical spirit, Satavahana stands as a testament to new beginnings. Beyond its historical roots, it offers a unique culinary journey at our Hillock restaurant, providing panoramic views of the landscape, the lake, and the hills. This block isn’t just a space; it’s a celebration of history and a feast for the senses, where history and gastronomy converge to create a truly unique experience.

Come, Be a Part of the Legacy

Inspired by the Satavahana dynasty, the farm plots in this block are as royal, luxurious, and majestic as their ancient heritage. Emulating the dynasty’s reliance on agriculture, we invite our patrons to embrace organic farming and sustainable living, offering a larger-than-life experience amidst nature’s abundance. Farm Plot owners can relish scenic mountain of ananthaggiri hills and lake views while immersing themselves in the picturesque magic of Mother Nature.

Discover happiness at our Satavahana block, where the essence of life intertwines seamlessly with nature’s grandeur.

Satavahana Plot Highlights:

Here are 4 amazing reasons to choose plots at Satavahana block – it’s a treat for all your senses and a promise of peaceful and joyful living experiences!

A Revitalizing Restaurant:

Discover a charming restaurant nestled within the block, designed to cater to your cravings for healthy, organic, and wholesome food. Indulge in a gastronomic journey that aligns perfectly with the philosophy of sustainable living.

An Enchanting Landscapes:

Immerse yourself in the rewarding scenic beauty offered by the landscape. Every corner of Satavahana Block is a postcard-worthy view waiting to be captured. The scenic beauty will create timeless memories for generations to come, making it a perfect haven for families.

A Seamless Connectivity:

Enjoy the advantage of excellent connectivity, transforming this location into an ideal hub for getaways. Whether you seek tranquillity, adventure, or a blend of both, Satavahana provides easy access to various attractions, ensuring delightful experiences for residents and visitors alike.

All Eco-friendly Practices:

Embrace the essence of sustainable living by engaging in organic farming. Just as agriculture was the cornerstone of the Satavahana empire, here, residents have the opportunity to reconnect with nature, fostering an environment of eco-consciousness and harmony.

At Satavahana regal living meets the tranquillity of nature, and sustainable practices merge seamlessly with modern aspirations.