Goodbye Cubicles, Hello Nature

Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Retreat at Hillock
Let your Team Come Together, Naturally:

Hillock is the perfect place for all your corporate getaways, events, workshops, and gatherings. Whether you’re a team of 10 or 100, we’ve got everything you need to make your time here special and spectacular!

At Hillock, corporate gatherings are transformed into extraordinary experiences amidst captivating natural landscapes. Whether it’s team-building exercises, conferences, or corporate retreats, Hillock offers a pristine canvas to foster productivity and camaraderie in a refreshing environment.


Key Features:
  • Scenic Venues:
  • Choose from various scenic venues, each exuding natural charm, providing the ideal backdrop for productive discussions and collaborative sessions.
  • Versatile Spaces:
  • Our flexible event spaces cater to gatherings of various sizes, ensuring a seamless setup for conferences, meetings, workshops, or training sessions.
  • Tailored Arrangements:
  • Customize your event with tailored settings and amenities, allowing for personalised layouts that align perfectly with your corporate vision.
  • Culinary Excellence:
  • Indulge in culinary delights crafted by our expert chefs, offering a delectable menu from organic produce to suit diverse palates and dietary preferences. 
Top Benefits:
  • Productive Environments:
  • Create a conducive environment for productivity and innovation amidst the serenity of nature, fostering collaboration and forward-thinking ideas.
  • Tranquil Setting:
  • Immerse your team in the calmness of our surroundings, promoting a relaxed atmosphere that nurtures focus and promotes creativity.
  • Memorable Engagements:
  • Host impactful corporate events that leave a lasting impression, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees amidst the allure of natural beauty.
  • Recreational Breaks:
  • Enhance your corporate retreat with recreational activities, allowing teams to rejuvenate and bond amidst the serene landscapes with fishing, trekking, cycling and more.

Plan your event with us and witness the transformation of your corporate engagements into remarkable experiences.

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