150+ Acres of Open and Opulent Farm Plots

A Natural Retreat that Delights your Mind, Body and Soul
Invest in a Sustainable Lifestyle: 

Your farm plot is your gateway to prosperity and peace where you can contribute to the well-being of your loved ones and even our ecosystem. Plot your future today!

Surrounded by nature’s beauty of ananthagiri hills, these farm lands in Hyderabad offer an opportunity to own a piece of paradise. Imagine waking up to the rustling leaves, cultivating your crops, and nurturing the land in your very own oasis.

Nestled in the foothills of the Anantgiri range near Mominpet, you will have a 10,000 acres forest reserve as your neighbour and over 200 variety of local animals and birds as your friends.

Key Features: 
  • Expansive Plots:
  • Choose from a variety of Farm plot sizes, granting you the canvas to create your unique farming haven.
  • Farm-Friendly Infrastructure:
  • Benefit from essential facilities, including lake access and convenient pathways, designed to support your farming journey.
  • Organic Farming Embrace:
  • Embrace sustainable practices, with the option for organic farming, nurturing crops without harmful chemicals.
  • Scenic Setting:
  • Immerse yourself in splendid views and natural vistas, adding charm to your weekend getaway life.
Top Benefits:
  • Fresh Homegrown Bounty:
  • Reap the rewards of your labour, indulging in the flavours of farm-fresh produce grown right on your plot.
  • Adventure Activities:
  • Fuel your adrenaline with various activities like fishing, kayaking, and trekking, and relax with yoga, meditation, and more.
  • Connection with Nature:
  • Rediscover the joys of tending to the land, fostering a deeper connection with nature and the satisfaction of nurturing life.
  • Sustainable Living:
  • Contribute to a greener world by embracing sustainable farming practices and reducing your carbon footprint.

Ready to embark on your farming adventure? Secure your Farm plots in Hyderabad now and watch your farming dreams take root! It’s the perfect spot to invest in a lifetime of prosperity and positivity!

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